Think different

In case you quickly need a doctor…
Stay at home!!

Physicians have five responsibilities: cure, soothe, comfort, explain, never harm. Every doctor has these issues at heart, since this is what medical treatment is all about.

Today´s life puts, however, a lot of obstacles in a patients´s way. To achieve the correct medical treatment may involve travelling, hours of waiting, preferably not falling ill during non-office hours, difficulties to find one´s way to the right specialist – if need be. The patient has to fight an uneven fight against financial reductions since medical care is very seldom to be found outside institutions. Medical treatment should be more easily available-not less. Any patient needs safe and quick attention – flues hit not only on working days. A patient needs calm and quiet and should be allowed to have it.

Your ‘Doktorn kan komma’ means medical treatment on demand – any time, any day. Your ‘Doktorn kan komma’ will offer you almost any service you expect at any primary care center but will do so were you are.

Getting medical care can be as simple as that!