Lab and x-ray

Doktorn kan komma have blood and urine tests, both in the medical bag and at the surgery but when we want to extend the surveys we use Carlanderska Hospital´s resources.

Info on Carlanderska hospital :

You do not need an appointment to most surveys when you receive a referral from us.

Referrals are provided by us in connection with consultation or prior to a health check.

Blood samples referrals you get as an SMS to your mobile, you do not need a paper referral, just show the text message to staff.

Radiology Referrals are sent by fax to the X-ray department, you do not need a paper referral, just tell the staff that you are going for an X-ray from Doktorn kan komma.

Find your way at Carlanderska :

Laboratory for blood sample is half a floor down and X-ray is upstairs , it is easy to find. Further down on this page is a map to Carlanderska .

Phone laboratory 031-818070 and radiology at 031818020

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