Occupational health

The Doktorn kan komma occupational health care solution is probably the most versatile health care solution in the world. Not only will we come to your company when you need us, we will visit you and your family at home as well. Does that sound good? Well it gets even better! Because of our devotion to the concept of high end service, we also operate over the internet.This means that you can get help wherever you are in the world, by video, telephone or chat. Additionally we have a small and friendly little Surgery in Göteborg that you can visit if you prefer to come to us.

We are very experienced in working with ex patriots, business travelers, and tourists from all over the world. We cooperate with the international medical insurance companies, the medical assistance companies, foreign and national authorities etcetera.

We have 20 years experience in accommodating your staff and also the employer’s medical needs. We deliver our customized occupational health for all types of businesses and organizations, from the largest to the smallest employersin the Gothenburg region.

We provide

    •      House Calls
    •      Internet consultations via video
    •      Telephone consultations
    •      Occupational Health - at your Workplaceor at your company.
    •      Surgery in Göteborg
    •      Immunizations
    •      Prescriptions
    •      Certificates
    •      Referrals